I work on the Geography PGCE course at the University of Bristol.
My challenge
I have signed up to a local fruit & veg delivery service based in BS13.

I loved the idea of values …. And for me I choose providers who look after their animals and staff. 

Looks unusual but is very tasty and good for you! 

Sometimes items arrive and I don’t know where to start. So I look at the list sent by email of the items in the box, I then went onto Google to find out how to cook them! These delights were roasted and used for Sunday roast dinner. It’s actually parsnip and suede! 

Photos I took to post! It has been busy but my challenge has continued I need to be more consistent with posts! 

The lovely veg boxes have sparked a creativity including fresh soups , salads and pasta meals! Photo shows Monday leftover dinner from Sunday’s roast. I made a creamy celeriac mash which was delicious! 

Still getting my deliveries and using the local organic produce in the kitchen every day. Received cucumber today which was a pleasant surprise! I feel so much more connected to the seasons. I’m also inspired to start growing my own food which I used to enjoy before young children. Now I’m hoping they can help me. We have grown carrots and salad so let’s expand! BS13 are running some courses on growing food so I’m going to invest and enrol! I’m also delivering these leaflets today to inspire my neighbours in BS13  

Wow! When I signed up to this challenge I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to be consistent.   30 days is a long time! But week 1 done I’m using my veg box every day, my food waste has reduced and my plastic box for recycling has definitely gone down. The only difficult bit is leaving auto-pilot mode and remember to write up my reflections on here. But once I’ve done it, it feels good to acknowledge the process and difference we are all making. Here’s to eating lots of vegetables that are locally sourced and grown sustainability with profits finding great projects in an area of deprivation. 

Well I am definitely getting my 7 a day in! The veg box has helped me reconnect with nature and looking at what is in season. I’m also cooking more and reducing my food waste as I’m determined to use the whole box up! No plastic in the box either 🙌

Really pleased they took away last week’s veg box. Received new fruit and veg box and an email outlining what was in the box and some suggestions for recipes. Really pleased, I have never seen raw beetroot so looking forward to using that first. 

To sign up to a local veg delivery scheme. I came across a local organisation passionate and climate change education and social engagement called https://heartofbs13.org.uk/product/veg-box-subscription/. I am hoping to get creative in the kitchen and reduce my food waste and plastic consumption.