I'm a student on the MSc Education Open Pathway at the University of Bristol.
My challenge
Plogging twice a week

It’s been a really hectic month and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go plogging as much as I’d hoped, but I was glad to sign off the 30 days with a final plog with Mary. We’ve been walking more than jogging – wow there’s a lot of litter! – but it turns out chatting and picking up litter is actually quite a nice time. Nice little moment yesterday when a pair of friends sitting down by the riverside who were keen to know what we were up to struck up a conversation and even gave us some calls of encouragement. Nice to know we’re not the only ones concerned by all the litter!

Overall, making time was the greatest challenge, and we overcame a few pesky practicalities without too much difficulty (though I’d be keen to get some litter pickers in future). I enjoyed trying something new and, though I think to make plogging an enduring habit I’d like to try it out in more natural areas (perhaps the river path alongside Leigh Woods), I’m confident I’ll go plogging again and can hopefully continue making a difference in my own small but sustainable and enjoyable way. And it’s felt all the sweeter being part of a group doing the same, so very glad I got involved!

(Forgot to take our picture before throwing away our bin bag this time, so captured the corner of a big waste bin for good measure!)