I’m from Tianjin, China and now study in TESOL. I’m interested in environment issues but I always think as a student or individual, I cannot do anything for them. But now I think I should do something no matter it is meaningful or not.
My challenge
Reducing usage of disposable plastic products

When I go shopping with my friends, some of them wondered why I pick those loose-packed vegetables rather than the packed ones because they think it’s not convenient. I would explain the challenge I’m taking part in and also share some other challenges that other ambassadors were taking. Some of them are really interested in what we are doing and are willing to supervise me and they also said that they could join in my challenge at least when they stay with me.

In the past 7 days, I’m used to putting one plastic bag in my handbag in case I want to go shopping after class directly. And even when I bought a lot of things that cannot be loaded in one bag, I tend to keep them in my hands or in my handbag rather than buying an extra plastic bag. And also, my challenge goal changes my shopping habit as well. For instance, now when I buy tomatoes, potatoes and carrots which are either packed in plastic bags or loose-packed, I prefer to choose the latter one. But I really hope all the vegetables can have loose-packed to choose in order to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic products.

Actually, plastic products are very common in my country and they are even used frequently because of the development of the express delivery and take-out industry. Although there were some policies implemented all around China to limit and control the usage of plastic products, I don’t think it has an effective result. For example, the plastic bags in supermarkets need to be paid after the policy was introduced, but the quality of the plastic bags are not enough for customers to reuse them next time. But the problem is solved in UK quite well so I want to grasp this chance to change my habit in the following days.