A traditionalist, love playing and watching football, love music.
My challenge
Spend an hour outside in nature each day.

What a memorable and educative this journey has been.

Walking for an hour daily can relieve you of general body pains and stabilise your mental health. Walk for life, walk for health.

Today I was able to take a walk with some family relations and we had fun. I insisted that they were to go out with me of which they initially declined but with my persistent request, they obliged. We took a walk into some few shopping centers, and later spent some time in the field. They were not willing to return after an hour because they were later enjoying their time outside, so we spent an additional hour and later returned home.

Sometimes it’s just about initiating the action even if you’re not feeling it or not in the mood, happiness sometimes can’t be predetermined as in the case of my siblings.

Not much to write as we’re gearing towards the end of this challenge, I must say there’s still more to explore than we’ve done. We should all be developing or has developed a positive mind set about our individual challenges. Of late I developed a habit of engaging with people about developing an attitude towards hanging out but it has not been easy at all. Staying outside really gives me a positive mind set to retire from the days work.

I’m exploring other options after this challenge like mountain hiking. Staying outside really got me thinking about nature and nature conservation, exploring biodiversity and its impact in our human lives. How can we integrate biodiversity in our way of living, we need to grow more green plants especially trees 🌲 and to conserve those in existence to take in the excess carbon produced by our human activities. If we all can pledge and dedicate to planting just one tree and sustaining it, that will in a long way help reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and eventually reduce global warming.

Today was very tiring. I spent the whole day out with a cousin, I can’t say much but I’ve as well enjoyed every bit of the time spent outside. I’ll encourage everyone to try to leave their homes and spend some time out there, there’s this natural medicine that gives you a sense of relief.

During my cChallenge routine yesterday and today, I tried to find out why most people are not going out for a walk, just spending a little time trying to connect with their environment.

I engaged three individuals, one mentioned work to be the reason for not being able to spend time on a walk outside. The other two indicates work and family commitments for their inability to take a walk outside. These may not be the only reasons why these people are unable to spend some time out taking a walk as they might be some other propelling reasons that can’t be shared especially with a stranger.

In my little way, I tried to encourage them to at least spend a little of about 10 minutes walk down the street or inside a park just to relax and connect with nature. Sometimes this little time we spend outside might just be all the medicine we need to be active, healthy, and strong.

Hello cChallenge family, today I couldn’t go out for daily activity as I was caught up with my assignments. Hope to get out tomorrow because I’m loving it outside there now.

Today I had a great time walking through the shopping center. I’m beginning to feel part of the environment which is better than always confining myself inside my room. I share a video of my experience of today’s activity.

Today I took a walk around the university campus, that’s a calm weather. It was fun meeting and talking with people around the university, kind of my first experience. I have to travel from Buckinghamshire to Bristol to take my BRP at Student Services, I spent my whole day at the university. My return bus to Buckinghamshire was due at 19:15, I’ve to run from the university down to the bus station because I was almost late to catch up with my bus.

I very nice experience, can’t wait to finally move to Bristol.

My inner feeling is increasing daily about this new me, going out and walking around trying to have a connection with the environment. I was able to get about my troubles and short comings at least for a whole 1 hour spent out there. This indicates that the environment plays an important role in our unconscious learning.

I was able to walk a long distance today, about 3 miles of walking outside. Within this past few days, I seen used food packages 📦 littered along the roads and I’ve been asking myself why people will throw refuse about carelessly without any share of responsibility. 

For people mind set to change, we need a collective responsibility to engage and educate the public.

I spent sometime at the backyard. I wanted a place where I wouldn’t feel any human interaction, it’s was a pretty feeling and I love it. I’ve attached a short video of my experience today, just to let have a feel of what I was into.

Today I went into town and I did a bit of window-shopping. It was really a fun. I did a video today, check the link below.

I wasn’t feeling well today, so I couldn’t go out to explore the environment.

The weather looks so calm today with no sunshine. This has been one of my favorite weather, very peacefully outside. Is as if I could communicate with the environment and its reminds me so much of home during a rainy day. I just wish I could stay outside the whole day, I was having a lot calling me home 🏡.

Hope tomorrow comes with much greater and positive feeling.

Today have been a great day walk out there, the cooling environment, and few showers. Was able to have stayed more than an hour outside, what a priceless day.

Staying outside for an hour in environment is quiet challenging especially at this time of the season. I feel very cold.