I am Mercy from Nigeria. Currently doing an MSc in Development and Security at the University of Bristol. I am passionate about the Global South- Africa in particular and eager to make a difference in every possible way.
My challenge
One hour without electricity, Reading, and advocating for climate justice.

It has been an incredible 10 days so far. Being part of the change is indeed a powerful feeling. So far, I spend more than two hours without electricity daily, I read a lot about climate change and justice and I also advocate my friends back in Nigeria about their approach to nature and recycling. Sometimes, I spend time with nature, from resting on tree bark to a seat in the park. Interestingly, I talk to nature now- maybe because I am trying to form a friendship with her. It is interesting to know how small changes can reduce our ecological footprints. I spend time reading and looking outside my window. Nature is Kind, she deserves kindness and friendship.

Happy to be a part of this challenge. Woke up feeling excited and eager to make a difference. Looked outside my window and saw the nature I want to protect. Today, I will be spending time with nature, picking litters where I see them, and going one hour without electricity.

Nature- I will do my part to protect you and encourage others to do the same. I am excited!!!