Hello! I am studying a masters degree in Electronics and working as a Estates Assistant at the University of Bristol. I am very interested in strategies to reducing carbon emissions and waste.
My challenge
I want to use zero-waste shops and buy recyclable products to half my waste.

These days I have tested consuming mainly canned and low waste products. Also tried to re-use useful things that sometimes go to the trash, like the toppers and forks I have got from events.

This results in a huge space saving in my landfill trash and avoids the use of more plastic bags.

Because this accumulated strategies, I was able to keep my landfill trash to this trashcan for the challenge month, and I am very happy to share it.

I think now is easier to incorporate more this lifestyle this into my habits.

Mindful squeezing:

I learn this while living on Japan: It is a good idea to squeeze the bottles to save some bags. In the past I was not aware of this, but in the end, it helps the planet.

Mottainai is a Japanese term which is used to refer to a sense of regret over waste. It can translate as «What a waste!». Environmentalists have used the term to encourage people to «reduce, reuse and recycle».

Following this thought I decided to repair my own watch band since it was recently broken by accident. This prevented the disposal of my current band and the packaging bag of the new band.

I feel good with my self after doing this since I am thinking now of the harm avoided to the planet.

I think this is an idea worth sharing: Just bought this dimmable led light which replaces my halogen light bulb saving almost 50% of its energy, plus I would dim it at 20% reaching 70% savings on electric consumption.

Is worth to give a try to this dimmable Led wifi controlled bulbs.

I choose to reduce my landfill waste and for that today I decided to re-use my bread bag to contain the waste without using additional trash bags. I will try my best to keep my waste to this bag capacity.

I am very happy to read all of my Cchallenge mates! it is step by step that a big change is made.