I am part time working as a Estates Assistant In Campus Division and I am passionate about environmental justice. I am also a mum, and I love to explore and spend time outdoors with my family.
My challenge
I want to be vegan and share what impact it has on environment and personal life

I have learned that I’m better at vegan baking than cooking 🤪 

I used standard brownie recipe and substitute dairy for non dairy products, eggs for milled chia seeds or flaxseeds, used dark cooking chocolate without milk in it ( I’m good at reading labels now 🤪)

As you can see they turned out great and disappeared very quickly.

Tip: 1egg = 1tbs milled chia or flax seeds mixed with 3tbs warm water ( seeds needs to be milled to a powder to work as egg replacement, once mixed with water let it soak for 5 min) 

Last 30 days have gone quite quickly for me.I must say that it felt good to be part of this challenge. What I have learned about myself is that I lose my focus when I’m relaxed and fall into the routine/ auto drive and forget things. Also I think, I’m not very brave nor outspoken when I’m not in my comfort zone. And this challenge was definitely out of my comfort zone in a way of sharing my progress and trying to create the ripple. 

Those definitely ware the most difficult as I feel like I do not hold all of the answers or knowledge regarding climate justice. Nevertheless I enjoyed it and was really motivated seeing other’s efforts and ideas. 

I will keep using the R’s and definitely try vegan meals more often. Some are definitely staying in my diet. 

What’s more…. I’m not sure, let’s see what the future holds. 

Well done to everyone who took part! 

I feel hopeful seeing so many people deeply caring for the future of our planet ! 🌎 😊

This challenge made me think more about the ways we can recycle our waste. 

The best solution is to reduce it first and reuse things but some things go to waste straight away like Styrofoam. 

We had a fragile parcel delivered recently and it was packed with Styrofoam. 

I know only one point to recycle it and it is in Richmond Building- my place of work. 

I have not seen or am aware of any other points that collects it and recycle. 

Also I think that very few people are aware of it that it can be recycled. 

As a Bristol University employee I wondered if this scheme is available for students?? 

I have emailed sustainability department and awaiting their replay. Let’s see if we can save some of the waste from the landfill and make this available for grater multitude.

Look what my daughter brought from school yesterday! I’m very proud of her. She chose this book by herself to read at home – as she said “because I love the world and nature”. 

I think my constant nagging and explaining why plastic, being wasteful etc is not good for our planet, has payed off 😊😊 

If I could choose to inspire one person it would be her as she is the future generation. 

I’m also glad that they touch climate justice subject in schools, as I think it’s really important to educate children on this subject as early as possible to create good habits not bad one. 

Getting back to the book it has 10 simple points that anyone can do to help:

– switch off the light when not using

– turn the tap off when brushing your teeth 

– feed the birds in winter

– switch TV on the wall when not in use, as it’s still using power when on standby 

– grow some seeds/ plants as they clean the air

– walk to school or try to use your car less to create less air pollution 

– pick the litter and put it in the bin

– help to sort the recycling 

– use both sides of paper when drawing

– reuse boxes etc to make toys – it’s good to reuse things before putting them into recycling. 

The difficult part of my challenge was to make sure I can cook for whole family vegan meal that they would enjoy instead of cooking separately meals for them and for myself. 

Although sometimes this did not go well I must say that everyone enjoyed Vegan cottage pie. 

I did not use specific recipe but substitute meat for veggies I had at home and used dairy free butter for mashed potatoes.

 I think it’s great meal as you can use up whatever veggies you have. I used mushrooms, onions, carrots and courgettes for the meat substitute and parsnips and potatoes for the mash. It was tasty and healthy meal for whole family. 😊😊 

So today is World water day and I came across this  information. Short read but gets you thinking.

“This year’s theme is “Groundwater: making the invisible visible.” Did you know that almost all liquid freshwater is underground? Groundwater is a precious resource, but the amount of rubbish we produce, and how we manage it, threatens our supply.
💧 Landfills produce “leachate,” formed when rainwater filters through the waste.
💧 Leachate contains large amounts of harmful substances, including heavy metals and microplastics.
💧 Research shows that groundwater near landfills is contaminated.
What can we do? We can each work to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle to send less rubbish (or even none!) to landfills. Check what you can recycle with us 👉 www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades”

Also there is official website and stories around the globe how water is effect and vital. Here is the link for anyone who is interested to read more:


Have you heard about Terracycle?? 

It’s a program for recycling un- recyclable packaging like crisps packaging or coffee pods etc.

As a individual it can be expensive to join and set up collection point ( some recycling programs are free) but you can search their web page and drop off your un-recyclable items at special drop of points that has been set up already. 

One that I know off is by The Southville Centre, BS3 Community.

I think you can recycle there any baby food pouches, crisps packaging and Colgate toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes.

If you are interested in it, here is link to the Terracycle page for more in deep information:


Past week hasn’t been easy for keeping my challenge as we all got sick so being stuck at home didn’t really helped with choosing wisely vegan products. 

Also I realised that even when something looks vegan it might not be. Therefore you have to read the labels properly.

For example red pesto- made with tomatoes and roasted peppers has added Parmesan cheese, so it’s not vegan.

Note to myself : Look for Vegan sign or simply read the ingredients lis.This can be quite time consuming and definitely not great when in a rush.


Reading yesterday post made me thinking what triggers my autopilot??? 

I would say that in my case it is being in a comfort zone, the place where you are relaxed and sometimes loose focus… And I did, it’s easy to go for a coffee with friends and family and order the same or similar food as others without thinking about your challenge. That’s what happened to me. 

I think I need to plan more and be focused in my comfort zone to stay on course.

Also I though that I new enough receipts to get me through the month of being 100% vegan but it seams a bit difficult. Probably need to search some more and if necessary slightly adjust them so my family would enjoy them too.  

“In 2018, the United Nations identified animal agriculture and meat production as the most urgent problem around the world – a catastrophe of our own making.”

In a nutshell, becoming vegan reduces your carbon footprint in a way no other personal action can.

Going Vegan for a moth will save 30 animal lives, save 913 square feet of forests, and 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

“Time is running out, so it’s up to us to take charge in making our planet and our bodies healthier – starting with our plate.”

You can read the whole article here


On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day with Vegan Pancakes.

Did you know that you can substitute eggs with different products like banana or flax seed? 

Different substitutes will work for different things, bananas are great for pancakes, muffins and quick breads and aquafaba works well for cookies and meringues. You just need to experiment and see what works the best for you. 

We used banana, oats milk and self raising flour in our pancakes, they ware delicious.