I am the Portfolio Marketing Officer at the School of Education, University of Bristol. I am from Bristol, and I have one daughter. We are keen to help in the Climate Challenge
My challenge
Litter picking in South Bristol

Very sadly, my elderly neighbour had a fall whilst in his home, and to get him safely to hospital, the police and paramedics had to break a pane of glass in his front door. 

They managed to get him safely to hospital, where he is doing ok. 

Small chunks of glass were strewn all over the path outside his door. The path beside his door is also access to both our gardens. We have a lot of cats, squirrels, even deer that come into our gardens. My garden backs onto a piece of wild ground and it’s wonderful the amount of wildlife we can see even in the suburbs!

I was really worried that it would injure an animal, or even the post person, having to walk over this area. Also, when my neighbour is well enough to return from hospital, I didn’t want it to be a danger to him.

I set to work cleaning up the glass, which was very time consuming as it had gone everywhere. I disposed of it safely. 

Now the weather has improved, and I feel better after a recent cold, I will be out and about with my litter picker and my bag in the coming days!

Day 7 and this is my first post. 

My challenge is to look at the immediate world around me and try to keep my local environment clean and free of litter.

Even filling one bag (supplied by Bristol City Council) is quite tiring. When I started litter picking, I felt really demoralised at the sheer amount of litter on the streets, on pathways, in hedges. However, I do feel hopeful that its a growing movement and others appreciate it. 

My aim is to try to walk every day and take a bag with me, filling it up as I go. As they do get quite heavy, short sharp bursts where I don’t have to carry it too far are best. 

Hoping the weather starts warming up!