Domestic supervisor of nearly 18 years based in Queens road.
My challenge
Vegan weekdays, vegetarian weekends. Using less emails.

Well it certainly has been an interesting journey at a turbulent time.  I think this is a good thing in a way though as managing expectations has to be achievable constantly.  During this month virtually everyone in my family got Covid and very unwell except for me.  So work, life and plans have all been disrupted.  2 weeks ago on Friday One Guinea pig elected to leave this world unexpectedly followed two days later by our 15 year Collie Lab cross.  So its been an interesting month all round.

I can safely deduce that I am not a natural vegan.  I didn’t think I was but this has now been confirmed.  I have mainly survived on a few home made soups and stews for work and off the shelf products.  I have found that vegan products in general have improved such as Beyound burgers and some off the shelf ready meals.  Sausages need work though, most of these are terrible. 
Total success for me would have been to achieve the objective for the entire month.  This has not been the case though I feel I have done well.  There have been a few lapses.  Mainly when our dog passed away which had been my wife’s dog since a puppy my family members just wanted take away and comfort food and I didn’t feel like burdening them with my expectations or complications.       

Moving forward my aim would be to reduce meat consumption and continue eating more healthily in general.  I feel this is very achievable as I have previously followed healthy eating plans with great success losing 3 stone. 

I do not feel I have reduced my emails that much as I use them as a way to record and verify that tasks and issues have been addressed and responded to.  I have though picked up the phone more often and phoned staff and management.  Also as a by product I have got up and visited the buildings I supervise a lot more regularly and my general exercise level has increased as a result.  I am quite happy with this outcome. 

As this is the last day I will photograph my self made recycling bank, photos incoming shortly. Having shown a three quarter full bag of landfill waste on my first week during the weekly catch up in contrast this week my only waste I am unsure about is a used toner cartridge which is currently sat on my desk.  I have recycled various additional items this week including packaging and batteries. 

Looking forward to the final meeting of the month tomorrow.       

The To good to go app seems to be growing massively at the moment.  For those of you who do not know about it this is an app that saves food from being wasted from local business’s.   There are a huge range to choose from everything from groceries, local convenience stores and even breakfasts from hotels.  The products are often referred to as magic bags.  I made my first purchase at the weekend from Costa at Southmead hospital for £3.  Photo attached is what was included.

Zero waste shop at The Richmond building on Queens road.  This is currently a trial by Bristol SU.  All details in link below.