One little change can mean more than you think. Let this 30-day change experiment inspire you to discover new perspectives, explore alternatives, start good conversations with people around you and watch the ripple effects spread!

During our 30 days together, we will explore the three spheres of transformation – the practical, the political and the personal spheres of change.


Through practical experience with change and inquiry, you will get to feel how change happens in your body, where the barriers and opportunities for change lie, how you are influenced and are influencing your surroundings, how you inspire others, and how you can create new conversations and patterns in society.


During March 2022, ambassadors in the School of Education at the University of Bristol will engage in this 30-day Climate Justice Challenge, where they will explore how they, as individuals and as a community, can act in ways that are consistent with the University’s declaration of a climate emergency.


Each will explore how questions of climate justice touch their daily lives and how through their daily actions, studies, or work in the School, they might help create a more sustainable and fairer world. They will build a sense of community around the challenge of addressing climate change, as they gain new perspectives around making changes at the individual and systemic levels.


cCHALLENGE was developed and is delivered by cCHANGE. Read more about the research and method underpinning the cCHALLENGE method here.